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Wells Adplotter

Adplotter is a brand new, refreshing way to list your items that you wish to sell with 100's of sites very quickly.

Each new user is given a FREE account automatically and has the choice of upgrading to our Basic, Premium or Professional accounts if and whenever he/she wishes to.

  • SAVE TIME by entering your item's information only once; our automated posting system will then take your ad and post it to other sites within the Adplotter listing network.
  • FAST & EASY TO USE Current users are impressed with how simple and easy Adplotter is.
  • TARGET LISTING Choose the best region where you prefer for your ad to be seen and let the Adplotter automated posting system do the rest of the work for you!
  • MORE VIEWS Adplotter "PLOTS" your ad on multiple, high traffic sites, thus increasing your ads exposure! The more views your ad gets, the better chance you will have for selling your product or service.


When you upgrade to Adplotter's Basic, Premium or Professional account, you will gain access to some features that will expand your reach and make the posting process even easier.

  • MULTI-CITY POSTING Maximise your product or services exposure by reaching people in over 200 cities and all at one time.
  • PRE-MADE ADS Adplotter has built pre-made ads for popular service categories, so you can post faster and worry less about your ad and more about your business!
  • SEO PLUS Make your ad ready for social media by using tags, keywords or hashtags.
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