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Testimonial by
Dr. Matt Chalmers
Chalmers Wellness

" I have been using Antler Velvet Max in my practice and have been amazed at the results I have gotten with my patients and with myself. I treat a wide variety of people from the weekend warriors to professional and even olympic athletes and have seen great improvements with all groups. I have seen significantly improved healing time for soft tissue injuries and joint problems. It has even been able to help those patients that have been involved in serious car wrecks. I have seen it decrease pain and inflammation and even help reduce pain from headaches associated with concussions. Many of my patients that have had sports injuries that required surgery tell me that they feel much better and that their surgeons are always surprised at how quickly they recover from surgery. The Antler Velvet Max has done great things for my own shoulders that had kept me from doing bench press for years. After the first few weeks I could feel a difference in my shoulders and now my bench press is back over 300lbs and I don't have any shoulder pain at all."
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Wells Max Life Direct

 Max Life Direct has a team of principals and staff who are dedicated and committed to research and develop products for Body Building,  Weight-Loss, Anti-Ageing and Natural Sleep habits.

Maxlife shares exclusive worldwide rights to a highly refined source of velvet extract and is a forerunner in distribution of the proprietary liposome (lipo gastric), the oral supplement spray delivery system with Antler Velvet Max, as its essential ingredient. Our products currently are:-

ANTLER VELVET MAX EXTREME - Can help in the recovery, strengthening and conditioning from a rigorous physical workout.

  • Recover Faster
  • Increase Body Mass
  • Reduce Body Fat

Antler Velvet Max EXTREME IGF-1New & Improved Formula! Now with TWICE The Strength! Antler Velvet Max Extreme IGF-1 15000 Nanogram formulation was specifically developed for the serious athlete who is seeking to take their performance to the next level.

ANTLER VELVET MAX - Deer Antler Velvet is known for its many beneficial qualities. Some Benefits include:-

  • Helps burn more fat
  • Helps to combat tiredness and depression
  • Helps increase muscular strength
  • Helps provide natural energy

Antler Velvet Max is the ultimate health, muscle and anti-aging factor. ANTLER VELVET MAX Anti-Aging Formula transports glucose and amino acids into the muscle while stimulating muscles resulting in a muscular development in youth & muscle preservation in old age.

NATURE'S SLEEP FORMULA - Nature's Sleep Formula all natural spray helps you get a restful night's sleepand wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Return to your normal sleep cycle!
  • 100% Natural, Safe and Effective!
  • Spray formula means it works FAST!
  • Improve your mood with proper sleep!

Get a restful night’s sleep; Wake up feeling refreshed & alive! Max life's Natures Sleep Formula is an all natural propriety combination that allows you to get healthful, restful, peaceful nights sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed with no "drowsy" side effects.

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