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Since 2004, Vortex Marketing has helped MLM and Affiliate marketers attract millions of business opportunity prospects and increase product sales within their direct marketing companies. This time tested system utilizes a unique online system that filters out the the prospects that are not serious about building a business and delivers leaders who can ultimately build your organization and help you achieve the dream of residual income that the MLM industry promises.

Vortex Is NOT Affiliated With ANY MLM companies..We do not believe in CROSS recruiting!

Cross recruiting or "bait and switch" is not part of the Vortex system. This is strictly a system for attracting new prospects and while we may offer OPTIONAL tech based tools to help you manage and advertise your MLM or Affiliate program, we will never "pitch" you on any MLM programs. This means you can share this system with your downline and empower them with the ability to grow their businesses which in turn grows yours! Vortex is truly a win/win for you and your marketing team.

Vortex Is Based On Experience NOT Theory...

The founders of Vortex retired from the MLM industry over 9 years ago and have applied their 30 years of combined experience to develop this system and provide effective tools for building an MLM business online. Mentored by some of the top leaders in the industry, the two founders of Vortex have gone on to build several online ventures and have been written up in several business publications. You will get to know them as you are guided through the system!

How does the Vortex system work?

It's simple. Join below (it is FREE). Make the commitment to read and listen to everything that we share with you. While the system does not cost money, it does require time and the willingness to follow instructions which is a small price to pay for the potential knowledge and success that this system can bring to you.

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